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The Beehives Go Go Dancers


Meet the ever growing 60s go go dance troupe; The Beehives. These girls know how to shake it up baby, now when they Twist and Shout. They know how to boney maroney whilst doing the pony and they sure can (do the) wibble wobble in the very best way. They shimmy and shake while walking the dog, and are always up getting up to Monkey business.

These are The Beehives; Big Haired ladies with their retro-hearts and dancing feet firmly planted in the 1960s. Feel free to ask them to dance – the problem will be getting them to stop.

The Beehives are a premiere troupe of 60s style go go dancers performing both freestyle go go sets and choreographed routines with anywhere from 1 to 12 performers. The Beehives blend classic 60s go go dance moves such as the twist, the monkey, the jerk, the watusi and the pony, with a head spinning amount of freestyle shimmying and shaking.

The Beehives perform with bands, within the burlesque community, on festival stages, for promotional and fashion events, at street festivals, on podiums, in cages, in windows and pretty much anywhere there’s a groovy beat.

These wigglin’ jigglin’ hotcakes have toured nationally within Australia, and Internationally (to date: UK, Spain, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan). The Beehives also teach Go Go dancing classes/workshops and are based in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, South Korea & Texas.

Girl Profile

The Beehives has grown from its 4 initial members to a veritable Girl Gang of Go Go Goodness!


The perfect mix of sugar and spice; bitter and sweet; lioness and kitten, there’s more than meets the eye to The Beehives own ‘Hazy Daisy’. Hazy Daisy has a long dance background including jazz, contemporary, samba, lindy hop and more but 60s Go-Go is where her heart lies. Hazy spends her days teaching dance to the new generation, so that she and Lucy Watusi can one day raise a go go army and conquer the earth (and force everyone to learn ‘the dolphin’).


If you take your shimmy and shake with a side of sass, The Beehives cheekiest gogo girl is destined to delight. Introducing, ‘Lucy Watusi’ who has been Go-Go dancing and performing burlesque for several years, as well as having dance experience in jazz, contemporary, ballet, lindy hop, salsa and samba. Lucy’s hobbies include world domination and wine. Preferably at the same time.


The Beehives own sex-pot, who’ll lure you in with her honey and then shake, rattle and roll you good!  Good Golly, it’s “Miss Molly”. Currently based in Sydney this lady is also The Beehives resident professional makeup artist. A die-hard 60s girl through and through, this lady lives for 60s rock, pop and soul tunes. Miss Molly is also rumoured to own more costumes than Disney World.

WILD HONEY (South Korea)

The naughtiest of The Beehives, with a fierce streak and a taste for adventure, Wild Honey has been a 60s GoGo dancer for years and is looking to become a jousting, parkouring, stunt woman who’s an equivalent black belt in Taekkyeon… we warned you she was adventurous. Rumour has it that Wild Honey may actually be a ninja.


The jiggliest, giggliest dancer this side of the sixties, “Coco Poppin” is the Go Go mama with hips that hypnotise! Coco has spent years in the GoGo cage and has performed and taught Burlesque, Brazilian Samba, Argentine Tango, and Salsa. A specialist Samba dancer, this kitten sure knows that soul bossanova. Coco has also spent several years training large groups of pantless dancing women for the revolution.


With a background in fire performance, ballet and burlesque this go go lady is both sweet and intoxicating, and will burn up the stage. Like her namesake, 60s Thunderball Bond Girl ‘Domino’, this kitten is feisty and feline; a heady mix of good girl and bad girl. This is one shakin’ lady that can’t be tamed – but be sure to bring a flame resistant suit if you try!


If you were born in the Land of a Thousand Dances, would you be able to keep the smile off your face? Of course not! neither can Bunny Bop. With a dance background in African, Salsa, Samba, West Coast Swing, Tango, Rock and Roll – if she doesn’t know it, she’ll give it a go… go! Bunny Bop enjoys endurance sports – and cage wiggling and tail shaking are some of her favourites. This is why we call her The Beehives own Energiser Bunny; she just keeps going and go-going. Just you try and keep up!


This doll faced hussy has been cavorting on the gogo stage since 2007. As an authentic jazz dancer and a seductress on the burlesque stage, it’s no wonder this retro rocket loves to jerk the monkey. She’s performed though Perth, London and Europe as well as teaching many a gal pal how to pony. This is one energetic sassbot, but don’t let her doll face mislead you – this dancer knows how to let her hair down.


This little Miss is a 60s Dish with a scientific twist! A burlesque lady by night, and scientific brain box by day, the reigning Miss Burlesque Perth fills in the gaps shaking her groove thing with The Beehives. An accomplished cage dancer and fringe twizzler in her own right, this lady is going to help the Beehives quest for world domination – by a simple fusion of science and hip shaking. Some call her weird, some call her mad – but they all call her back for more!


A flower child throwback from the 60s, Blooming Riot is part Mistress of Mod and part Siren of Psychedelia. Also one of The Dancing DJs (along with Coco Popping and Lucy Watusi) she is co-owner of Rhubarb Records. This vinyl loving vixen is a red-headed rebel without a cause. Damn the man. It’s time to dance.


‘The First Lady of Fierce’. This go go powerhouse pocket rocket is a pint size amazon of powerful proportions. Sultry in the hips and a maniac with the hair whips, this wiggly-jiggler has a background in reggae ton, samba and burlesque. Hypnotic, wild and a little on the savage side – this go go girl will turn you inside out and upside down; and make your world spin. Don’t believe what you’re told, there is only one Jane Doe A Go Go.


International burlesque powerhouse and touring star, this lady has the beauty of Barbarella and the body of the babes of B-Grade schlock – she’s a ringer for Tura Satana’s most famous Bad Girl role; Varla. As well as being an accomplished dancer, singer and actress she’s a dedicated go go girl herself. She’s danced regularly with the likes of The Reverend Horton Heat and is the Producer of the World Go Go Championships at SXSW.

The Beehives troupe also has some beautiful honourary members who have been known to help them out and shake a tail-feather for the cause on occasion, both in Australia and Internationally – including Ruby Slippers, Dolly Velour, Talula Lollipop, Bobbie Sox, and some swingin’ sisters in France and Seoul.


It’s been a big year or so for The Beehives, with 2014 seeing them dance and tour locally, interstate and internationally including performance spots in Toronto with Shake, Rattle & Roll, Los Angeles with The Spin Out crew at the Liquid Kitty and in England for the Hipsville Weekender. Local performances included taking the main stage at the Astor Theatre for the Perth International Burlesque Festival to a packed audience of 1,000 and then heading off on tour with the Australian Burlesque Festival to Byron Bay (NSW) and Brisbane (QLD). WA performances included some regional tours (Dowerin and Newman didn’t know what hit it!) as well as countless gigs, shows and events in Perth city. The greatest adventure of 2014 came in the form of another international tour – The Beehives set their sights on Japan.

Good friends of The Beehives, well-loved band Rocket To Memphis was invited to play a festival in Tokyo and asked the go go girls along. After asking the troupe if anyone would be willing to go on tour the response was overwhelming – 8 Beehives Go Go Dancers from 5 cities in 3 countries were ready and raring to go! So it was that Lucy Watusi, Hazy Daisy, Coco Poppin and Scarlet O from Perth, Petra Dish from Melbourne and Miss Molly from Sydney flew to Tokyo (later to meet up with Wild Honey in South Korea, and Coco Lectric from Texas). As they say, no rest for the wicked and a few hours after landing, The Beehives flagship gig with Rocket To Memphis was underway. It was Halloween Weekend and the annual ‘Back From The Grave’ Japanese garage, punk and primitive rock n roll weekender was in full swing. That night saw the bevy of Beehives storm the stage and shake like there was no tomorrow (spoiler: there was, but it involved headaches) with Rocket to Memphis. The Beehives were asked to return and perform the following night by the organisers, and over the course of the weekend ended up dancing alongside some incredible talent, including The Swinging Neckbreakers (US), Guitarwolf (Jap), The Fadeaway (Jap), The Stompin’ Riffraffs (Jap) and a whole lot more.

The Beehives next gig in Tokyo was the Swingin’ Neckbreakers send off show at the hallowed Club Heavysick. Wednesday night The Beehives were reunited with Texan gogo girl Coco Lectric to perform signature Fembot and Twist A Go Go acts at Tokyo’s Midweek Burlesque show, hosted by the beautiful Violet Eva.

Come Thursday it was time to leave the well loved, somewhat over populated apartment in Tokyo and head to Osaka for the next round of shows and adventures. Somewhere along the way The Beehives discovered and were asked to perform at a live music venue in Kobe, ‘The Bee’s Knees Low Brow Rock and Roll Art Bar’. It’s a big mouthful for a very tiny bar. It was also an unusual location for the craziest gig of The Beehives existence. Rocket to Memphis, as well as Japanese bands The Baitones, The Yummys and Headrose were on the bill. The venue was itty bitty, with the bar in a room downstairs, and the gig room up a near vertical staircase. You would have expected to fit maybe 10 people (squeezily) in each room. There were 4 bands, the bar owner, his barman, boyfriends and girlfriends of band members, punters, one completely crazy man who was evicted rather early on and 8 go-go dancers! Somehow The Beehives ended up behind the bar and dancers, band members and public alike were climbing over each other watching the bands play – it was hard to tell the difference between performance space and audience space and everyone was part of the act! Go go girls were dancing wherever there was room; on top of drum kits, in corners ducking guitar necks, on speakers. It was a beautiful night of bedlam, bodily injury and dancing with abandon. The bruises lasted a couple of weeks but the legend of that night will live on forever (it was recently reported to The Beehives that Bee’s Knees is closing, so sadly it seems it’ll be a gig never to be repeated).

Somehow The Beehives and Rocket To Memphis lived to tell the tale of Kobe, and were ready to perform their last Japanese show the following night in Osaka, at Club Nightwax. This gig saw The Beehives pony, shake and shimmy with Japanese girl bands The Go-Devils, and Lulufin the Woohoo. While this was the end of tour for some of The Beehives, Lucy Watusi and Hazy Daisy continued on and flew to Seoul, South Korea. Here they met up with Wild Honey and performed with the Seoul Shindig crew, for one more night of go go to amazing live bands (including The Streetguns, Hoppers, The Killer Drones and Assassination Squad with DJs Baron Van West and Dr. Lovehut).

So that was the lineup: 8 dancers, performing 6 gigs across 4 cities in 2 countries. Phew! But never fear, The Beehives also had time for some adventures and sight seeing (Hakone! Pirate ships! Cable cars! Deer parks! Hot springs! Kyoto! Temples!), extreme amounts of vintage shopping and a whole lot of eating and sipping umeshu.


Chayla Taylor Photography (MUA Samantha Clarke, Hair by Daniel Secker, styling Zoe O’Neill)


Chayla Taylor Photography (styling Zoe O’Neill)


David Woolley Photography/Vintage Glamour Photography (styling Zoe O’Neill)

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